Daniel Navon

Daniel Navon

Program: Fort Lauderdale Session 1

Age: 16

From: Born in New York, lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Lovewell history:
Student: Cut Short (2009), Meridian (2010), They Came From The Silver Screen (2011)

Mostly Daniel goes to school, and performs in the musicals put up there. He likes getting together with a group to put up big productions. Daniel’s favorite show he’s been in is the Lovewell show Meridian.  He also enjoys doing things.

Who is your inspiration?
– My inspiration is you, Cecilia. You’re such a wonderful person. Everyone loves you and I want to be as wonderful as you.

What has been accomplished at Lovewell today?
– We’ve been blocking scenes. We completely finished the prologue and have been getting through some other scenes. This is a nice part of the process.

What has been your favorite moment today?
– Getting to be interviewed for the blog. It was just so wonderful, and a great experience. Another great moment today was to see the opening in its entirety. It’s so great to see something come together from the moment we start brainstorming til it’s actually up on stage.

Favorite Lovewell quote:
Affirmation number one: “Within me there is boundless creative power”
– It’s a very interesting idea that you will never run out of creativity and that it will always be there for you.

Why are you here at Lovewell?
– I’m here to write a show and to meet new people and have a great experience over all.

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