Hanging with DelGaudio

Hanging with DelGaudio

Hello all you people reading this here blog. Well then, that was incorrect grammar, scratch the here. This is Party animal Ryan DelGaudio reporting to you about Lovewell. First day was easy peasy lemon sqeuasy getting to know everyone and mini-musicals. Day 2 was brainstorming and still learning names of people who weren’t there the first day. Then there was the weekend. From sleepovers to piano concerts to partays, it rocked but there was also that part of me that was counting down the hours until Lovewell. So day 3. We are ALREADY ONE TENTH of the way done!!!!!! Which is sad…… Talent shows and a lot more fun await today. Maybe Jen will win “Ships and Sailors”… AND MAYBE ALIENS WILL COME DOWN AND SHOW US HOW CLEAN THE OIL SPILL! And as I write this, everyone is doing music warmups including “Oha ale ale!” Alrighty then, this is Partay Animal Ryan DelGaudio signing off from another awesome day at Lovewell.

“Haha Jen you lost “Ships and Sailors”………again.”

Ryan Chills with the Mona Lisa

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