LAB (Lovewell Advisory Board)

Call for Applications:

Lovewell Institute is excited to announce the creation of the LAB – the Lovewell Advisory Board. The work of the LAB will be transparent and available to the Lovewell community.

LAB Members Will:

Serve as a liaison between students and program staff and the Lovewell board of directors. Work on special projects of their own design and as overseen by the Lovewell board. May reside anywhere in the world, but must commit to attending at least six virtual meetings per year, with reasonable advance notice. Will serve a one-year term beginning May 1st, 2021and ending April 29th, 2022.

LAB Member Tasks:

LAB Member Tasks will include, but are not limited to…
Providing formal recommendations and/or program ideas to the Lovewell board. Identifying concerns and opportunities for improvements in recruitment (staff and students) and outreach related to diversity. Advising on and participating in Lovewell’s equity work. Working to encompass the interests and concerns of all program staff and students. Brainstorming and planning at least one community event per year (virtual or in-person). Helping to build our alumni network.

Who can be a part of the LAB?

Current or former students aged 16 and over who have completed at least one full-length (three week) Lovewell workshop anywhere in the world.
Current or former staff who have worked at least one full-length (three week) Lovewell workshop anywhere in the world.

How large is the LAB?

Year one will have a minimum of five members and a maximum of 10. Membership numbers will be revisited at the end of year one.

How will 2021/22 LAB members be chosen?

For our first year, new members will be selected by a panel of Lovewell Board and staff members through an application process. The panel will then send position offers to chosen applicants, allowing them the opportunity to accept or decline a position on the LAB.
The LAB, along with the Lovewell staff and board will have the option to redesign this process for 2022/23 as needed.

What leadership positions are available in the LAB?

For our inaugural year, a LAB chairperson and vice chairperson will be chosen from the applicant pool by the selection panel. The LAB will set parameters for additional positions as needed moving forward.

Why is the LAB being formed?

Lovewell is many wonderful things, but it isn’t any one person or group of people. At the most basic level, we are an arts nonprofit with an extremely small year-round staff that works to serve a diverse and ever-expanding community of alumni, staff, students, and families. As we continue to grow, we want to ensure that a variety of voices from our community are being heard taken into account in the decisions that are made and as new programs are being developed. The LAB is our first formal step in this direction.

How do I apply?

Applications must be submitted by March 26, 2021


Email Jamie Johnson at