The 1st Lovewell Sweden Intergenerational Workshop

The 1st Lovewell Sweden Intergenerational Workshop

This past weekend, we held the first ever Lovewell Sweden Intergenerational workshop.  There were Lovewell Sweden Board members participating, Lovewell Alumni, Lovewell parents and some new faces.  Overall, it was a wonderful day and a great success.

In the morning, we spent time writing a song together.  The group came up with the concept that the character singing was an old, grand piano that used to be in a very famous concert hall.  Now being worn out and past its prime, it has been moved to a music school where children are just beginning to learn to play the piano.  Of course, this is beneath the old grand piano and so he sings of his woes:


There was also a nice article in the local paper about the workshop.  You can view that HERE.

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