Portales, New Mexico


Dayton, Ohio Teen (2012)
In partnership with The Human Race Theatre Company



Portales is your typical New Mexican town. It’s always hot, it has some eccentric residents, and there’s sand everywhere. Portales, New Mexico also has a secret. After a terrible meteor storm opens a portal that allows for aliens to travel from planet to planet a week earlier than expected, Portales is thrown into a frenzy. Matters only get worse when the government arrives searching for a frequency of extraterrestrial origin. Are they after a mysterious baby found after the meteor storm, or is the government about to stumble upon an even larger secret hidden in town? As the residents struggle to trust one another, they are going to have to pull together before Portales becomes another blip on the conspiracy radar like Roswell, New Mexico before it.


Written by the students and staff of the Lovewell Institute/Human Race Theatre Company 2012 workshop.



Alex Wunder, Alexia Vlahos, Ali Forster, Ally Lewber, Amber Todd,  Angel Lane, Brandon Dunn, Brett Norgaard, Camille Lecuit, Carly Marten, Emma Manger, Jennifer Clemens, Jordan McKinnon, Julia Keenan, Kara Jobe, Lauren Phillips, Matthew Loxley, Michael Hall, Quintin Bouillon, Rayya Uqdah, Tory Lewis, Veronica Denker



Elizabeth Anne Garrard- Co-Stage Director, Heather Powell- Co-Stage Director, Michael Finke- Music Director, Tyler Grimes- Script Director, Lauren Morgan- Choreographer, Andrew Ian Adams- Costumes, Alexandra Küntz- Technical Intern, Marilyn Klaben- Producer, Tristan Cupp- Puppet Master, John Findley- Set/Lighting/Props Designer, Nathan D. Dean- House Sound Engineer, Scott J. Kimmins- Technical Director, Kryss Northrup- Company Manager, Tara Lail- Managing Director, Kevin Moore- Producing Artistic Director


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