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Institute for the Creative Arts.


Lovewell Institute has spent the last twenty-five years developing and refining a unique arts education curriculum into an effective professional training methodology.


The main ingredient that sets the Lovewell Method apart from all other interdisciplinary arts and theatre programs. “Within me there is boundless creative power.”


Are you looking for a new musical for your students to perform? Look at our gripping, thought provoking, and evocative musicals written by young artists available for licensing.

Custom Workshops

Lovewell artists are standing by, ready to help create original, multidisciplinary works of art with your students. One day, one week, one month workshops and more available now. Contact us for more info.

Lovewell in a nutshell…

We are a 501c3  nonprofit creative arts organization for people of all ages, dreams of all shapes and visions of all sizes. Using the Lovewell Method, we conduct workshops around the world, bringing people together in collaborations where new works of art are born.

We conduct creative workshops around the globe for people ages 8-21; college courses for teachers, artists and college students; intergenerational workshops for people 8-99 years old; our own professional theatre company, The Lovewell Theatre Project; and a catalog of shows available for licensing. The doors are wide open to anyone who wants to join the Lovewell Community.

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Creative shows & workshops!

'24 Lovewell FLL Teen Session Two

July 8, 2024 9:00 am

'24 Lovewell Columbus

July 8, 2024 9:00 am

Shows for Licensing

All of Lovewell’s shows come complete with the following digital material: script, character break down, music tracks for rehearsal and performance, graphic design files and vocal lead sheets (some scores are available depending on the show). The turn around time to receive this digital material is very fast (upon completion of a simple licensing contract and payment) and we are willing to work with you to make your production happen.

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