The Book Of Phil


Lovewell Theatre Project in cooperation with New Tuners at the Chicago Theatre Building (Lovewell Staff and Alumni Professionals)

Conceived, written and composed by the professional artists of the Lovewell Theatre Project: Misty Bell, Carrie Gilchrist, Scott Haden, Katy Hawley, Jamie Johnson, Ryan McCall, Holly McLean, Chris Miller, David Spangler and Nathan Tysen.


This is the first creation of the Lovewell Theatre Project. LTP is developing into the professional production subsidiary of Lovewell Institute. It’s a dark musical comedy that reexamines human interaction and romantic connection in the 21st century. Is it possible to plan a coincidence? What would you pay for a “chance” meeting with the man/woman of your dreams, equipped with just the right things to say? The BOOK OF PHIL is an unusual love story that addresses the desperation in a new brand of cyber-courtship. It’s the tale of a ruthless “meet-your-mate” company whose slogan is “you can’t stalk her, but we can,” an ailing anthropologist, his lonely caretaker, an eccentric store window painter, her unsuspecting sister, and the book that documents it all.


In 2013 BOOK OF PHIL received a staged reading

Lovewell Theatre Project in cooperation with the Epiphany Theatre Company, New York City (Staff and Alumni Professionals).


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