The Dragon of Dry Brook


Fort Lauderdale, Florida Teen Session One (2014)

The Dragon of Drybrook Poster (1)



The pride of Dry Brook, a nearly bankrupt town somewhere in America, are the heroic firefighters who risk their lives everyday for its citizens. When a mysterious fire leaves an entire neighborhood homeless, tensions will rise and this small community will be stretched to its limits because this fire won’t be the last, and whatever is causing these infernos only seems to be picking up the pace. No matter how hard you try, you can’t stop The Dragon of Dry Brook.

Sydney Belabin, Brian Brant, Andie Corban, Daley Drucker, Giselle Dyer, Brendan Feingold, Jenna Flemons, Laura Galindo, Stephany Goulart, Samantha Hodes, Ariana Hyppolite, Gabrielle Lawlor, Sophia Lopez, Jessica Luya, Tatiana Mihaita, Robby Mijares, Samantha Morim, Daniel Navon, Adele Oliver, Dylan Olster, Maxwell Pineiro, Stefanie “$waggie” Prieto, Becky Saka, Sophie Septoff, Christina Serrato, Tara “Teezus” Shafa, Sydney Shiekman, Megan Sirvent, Matthew Tribby, Trevor Wayne, Connor Werner, Allison Wilson, Savannah Zona

Director- Marjorie Spangler; Music Director- Jason Pomerantz; Assistant Music Director- Dave Hamar; Script Editor- Tyler Grimes; Choreographer- Marcus Davis; Media/Design- Alana Miller; Technical Director- John Henningsen; Intern in Tech- Amy Pinargote; Co-Administrator- Shelly Bernstein; Co-Administrator- Lauri Oliver; Program Coordinator/Producing Artistic Director- Carrie Gilchrist


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