The Pipe Dreamers

Fort Lauderdale, Florida Teen Session Two (2011)




The way of life in the town surrounding AquaPure Water Company’s water purification factory is simple: you go to school until you’re old enough to work in the factory, and you work at the factory until you’re old enough to help run the factory. After a group of new workers hear a tale about a land without assembly lines, without twelve-hour workdays, without authority, they decide to leave in search of it. During their travels they come across a group of people unlike any they have met before, and a new world of communication and understanding is opened for them. But, when the quality of the water declines back at the factory, and people begin to fall ill, the new workers are faced with the difficult decision to stay in the new community they’ve created for themselves, or face their problems and go back home. The Pipe Dreamers: A New Musical, will leave you wondering just how far you’re willing to go to make your dream a reality.


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