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A Detailed Description

About Lovewell

Since 1989, Lovewell Institute has been conducting workshops in cities around the world including: New York, Chicago, Riverside, California; Key West, Marathon, Boca Raton, Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Salina and Kansas City, Kansas; Dayton, Columbus and Carrolton, Ohio; Las Vegas, Nevada; Oskarshamn, Linköping, Lomma, Malmö and Stockholm, Sweden; and St. Petersburg, Russia.

Throughout these workshops, we have created over 227 original shows and 3,405 original songs, and transformed thousands of lives. Our original shows have been performed by high schools across America and Sweden and have received the highest state honors at Thespian Festivals. Lovewell Institute and the Lovewell Method have also been the subject of *two doctoral dissertations, numerous journal articles and several documentaries.

Our staff is comprised of working professional artists and educational experts that have incorporated the vital aspects of problem-based learning and constructivism into the creative process. Our staff artists teach at prestigious universities, direct professional productions, tour with rock bands, conduct orchestras, own recording studios, write and produce their own shows, design for major companies and believe wholeheartedly that sharing creativity is the best gift that they can give back to the world.

The Lovewell Method

The “Lovewell Method” is a unique, proprietary, interdisciplinary arts approach to fostering collaboration and enhancing human interaction. Faced with the challenge of creating an original theatrical production in a matter of weeks, each session begins with students, a professional staff and a blank slate. The staff guides the students through the rough waters of bringing order out of chaos. The themes, characters, plot, music, lyrics, design and dances in each production are generated directly from the imagination, experiences, craftsmanship and innate wisdom of the students themselves.

Encouraged to express their own ideas, feelings and emotions, the students become active contributors to the educational process rather than passive learners. Each gains a greater appreciation for the joy of being a part of something much bigger than themselves. The end result is a wonderfully entertaining musical, and the process is an experience that touches participants in ways that will be with them for the rest of their lives

By empowering students of all ages to “make it happen”, they build character and grow emotionally as their experience teaches them creative problem solving, critical thinking, team building and collaboration, as well as organizational leadership, conflict resolution, and vocational skills that will serve them well as they continue through school and consider future careers.

Listen well.

Create well.

Love well.


Workshop participants are chosen based on quality of work as well as their desire to be a part of the program. Students, staff, parents, and teachers agree that Lovewell Workshops are demanding, intense, and challenging. This is part of what makes the Lovewell Method so effective in the way it impacts students with a new confidence in their own abilities and potential; forming deep and lasting bonds as a cultural community, and most importantly – giving voice to their own observations of the world, their feelings, and their inner wisdom.

Mission Statement

The mission of Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts is to provide interdisciplinary arts based programs that empower people from all cultures and economic backgrounds to find their authentic voice through the collaborative creation and performance of an original work of theatre.


Lovewell strives to offer positive transformation to individuals, groups and society at large in the following ways: By building and nurturing a “cultural community” of artists by creating innovative programs and workshops around the world; by producing original works of art; by providing education, training, research, curricula, and practical experience to artists, students, and teachers illuminating the relationship between the arts and education; by utilizing the arts and self-expression as a method of affirming our lives, experiencing our joy and enriching our community, by upholding the Lovewell Method: To Listen Well, Create Well, Love Well.