404: Human Error

404: HUMAN ERROR: A Nu Musical


Columbus, Ohio Teen (2015)

In Partnership with Short North Stage



Do you ever wish you had the power to change just a couple of your worst attributes? Gain a little more confidence and throw away some of that low self-esteem? Or say goodbye to laziness for more motivation and drive? Perhaps NuMi is the solution. A team of “Mark Zuckerberg’s” and “Silicon Valley” types have just created the newest gadget, NuMi, guaranteeing the power to literally edit your personality with the swipe of the finger. A college applicant, a recent divorcee, a cynical artist, and a group of young hopefuls test the product, and show just how far they will go to control how others perceive them.


Written and composed by the students and staff of the 2015 Lovewell Teen Columbus, Ohio workshop (June 8th-June 20th, 2015)



Omar Alfaour, Brian Chiou, Grace Hargis, Emma Kinnison, Jacob Miller, Alex Rogers, Anabelle Smith, Tia Smith-Jones, Sally Squires, Logan Stump



Director/Script Editor- Angela Miller; Music Director- Michael Finke; Assistant Director/Co-Choreographer- Stephanie Prince; Co-Choreographer- Noah Rogers; Technical Director- Geoff McTurner; Costumes and Props- Stephanie Keller; Media and Design- Tobi Nagy; Producers- Rick Gore and Peter Yockel, Producing Artistic Director- Carrie Gilchrist


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