Axle Falls

Axle Falls: A New Kind of Musical

Lovewell Teen Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
July 9th-28th, 2018


In the distant future, the year 2018, restaurants are fully automated, virtual reality technology is in every home, and hover cars have made grounded vehicles nearly extinct. Axle Tire Company is the world’s final tire manufacturer and distributor in a town that finds itself stuck in the past. When tomorrow finally comes calling, everything starts spinning out of control in Axle Falls: A New Kind of Musical.



Written by the students and staff of the July 2018 Teen Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Lovewell workshop.



Sophia “Smize” Amador, Lily Avrunin, Jalyn Banks, Isabela Barry, Brianna Bender, Autumn Bennett-Mazerella, Rylee Berger, Brooke Bowser, Eve Cohen, Garrett Colon, Tracy Colon, Redlee Magloire, Giulia do Nascimento Silva, Lauren Frison, Julia “Jules” Fuentes, Katie Hodes, Samuel Kelly-Cohen, Sergio Marquez, Bobby Morales, Julia Musso, Susanna Ninomiya,  Andrea Pena, Olivia Philipson, Andrew Robichaud, Ashlyn “Ash” Scorca, Amit Shwartzbach, Darby Silverman, Jackie Sinai, Shelby Tudor, Sophie Vega, Aysha Zackria



Director: Angela Miller; Assistant Director: Kimmi Johnson; Music Director: Jason “J-Party” Pomerantz; Assistant Music Directors: Jared Corak, Shelbie Rassler; Choreographer: Amber Allgyer; Script Editor: Tyler Grimes; Assistant Script Editor: Adele Oliver, Technical Director: Joe Rawda; Assistant Technical Directors : Andrew Singer, Samuel Robles; Costumes and Props: Ben Solmor; Assistant Costumes and Props: Kaitlin Feinberg; Social and Multi-Media: Nathan Vogel; Graphic Design: Tobi Waldron; Intern: Kiara Negroni-Martinez; Co-Administrators: Shelly Bernstein and Lauri Oliver; Lovewell FLL Chapter Manager: Tyler Grimes; Producing Artistic Director: Carrie Gilchrist


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