BOOKENDS: A Musical Brought to Life 
Fort Lauderdale, FL Junior Session Two (2012)



As the end of summer approaches, a group of middle school students attempt to combat writer’s block as the deadline for their summer writing project approaches. One of them discovers a way to magically enter Majestica, the ‘perfect’ fairytale land that they have written about for their project. After spending time in Majestica, the students realize that its’ maxim that every Majestican remain happy at all times has left its citizens naive to reality and the students’ story without a conflict or resolution. How will the students find an ending that leaves them with a complete story for class while also satisfying the people of Majestica?


Written by the students and staff of the 2012 Lovewell Fort Lauderdale Junior Session Two workshop.



Lily Avrunin, Bryona Bonomo, David Churba, Alejandro Feliciani, Isabella Fraser, Lilly Gitlitz, Kaitlyn Hodes, Lucas Leveillee, Melissa Mendez, Samantha Morim, Julia Musso, Dylan Olster, Simran Rajani, Skylar Scorca, Kimberly Sessions, Megan Sirvent


Jennifer Laudia- Stage Director, Andrew Gilbert- Music Director, Jenna Iden- Choreographer, Ambar Torres- Script Editor, Luke Katler- Script Intern, Jared Corak- Music Intern, Tobi Sarah Nagy- Media and Design, Alana Miller- Intern in Media and Design, Meredeth Payne- Technical Director, Gwen Spalding- Costumes/Props, Shelly Bernstein- Administrator, Lauri Oliver- Assistant Administrator, Producing Artistic Director: Carrie Gilchrist

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