Calling Amelia

CALLING AMELIA: A Musical in the Sky
Oskarshamn, Sweden Teen (2014)



Calling Amelia- A Musical in the Sky pays tribute to the life and triumphs of one the world’s most celebrated aviators. Amelia Mary Earhart had only just begun her flight career when the media seized upon her charisma, striking looks and adventurous spirit. She quickly transformed into one of America’s first celebrities, thriving in a male-dominated profession at a time when gender roles were strikingly rigid. In 1937, just shy of her 40th birthday, Amelia set off on her most historic quest yet- to be the first pilot to ever circumnavigate the globe at its equator. Two thirds of the way through her journey, Amelia disappeared over the South Pacific, never to be seen again. What happened on that last flight, and what drove Amelia to constantly soar to such dangerous heights? Although courage and pathological optimism arguably cost Amelia her life, her contributions to aviation and women’s struggle for equality continue to amaze and inspire. In the words of Amelia Earhart herself, “The most effective way to do it is to do it.”


Alice Ahnlide, Alma Ahnlide, Elin Andersson, Inez Andersson, Emilia Andréasson, Oskar Berlevik, Brian Brant, Amanda Brauer, Alma Carlsson, Fredrik Davidsson, Carlo De Rosa, Ryan DelGaudio, Mirjam Ekelund, Jenna Flemons, Ludvig Forfang Righard, Lovisa Holmquist Welander, Alexander Håkansson, Hilda Isaksson, Emma Karlsson, Caroline Kolset, Frida Lif, Ivar Lodén Håkansson, Malin Magnusson, Cornelia Malmros, Linda Myhrman, Lisa Nilsson, Olle Nordström, Tove Nyquist, Ylva Olsson, Märta Perk, Hilma Persson, Amy Pinargote, Christina Serrato, Cooper Slater, Tilde Strömberg Rye, Alrik Strömblad, Alma Svensson, Laurel Thompson, Emma Tigerström, Matt Tribby, Allison Wilson, Clara Zennaro-Månsson

Director- Carrie Gilchrist; Assistant Director- Jamie Johnson; Co-Music Director- Nils-Petter Ankarblom; Co-Music Director- Mats Petersson; Assistant Music Director- Viola Larsson; Script Editor- Marjorie Spangler; Choreographer- Marcus Davis; Viktor Nilsson- Vocal Coach; Media/Design- Cecilia Traff; Technical Director- Jen Laudia; Sweden Administrator- Birgitta Pettersson; US Administrator- Shelly Bernstein; Assistant Props and Costumes: Jenniffer Nilsén, Sound: Tomas Andersson; Producing Artistic Director- Carrie Gilchrist


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