Catalogue of Original Lovewell Shows for Licensing


The Lovewell Catalog contains six of our original student-created shows for license to be performed by middle and high schools, community theatre groups and on professional stages around the world. All proceeds go back into our organization, a not for profit 501c3, to give more students the access to arts education.

Currently the following scripts, scores and rehearsal recordings are available.  We are happy to send electronic samples to you at your request. If you are interested in another show that has been written using the Lovewell Method, please contact us with your inquiry.

Carry On:  A musical departure
Where do we go when we die?  Does anyone really know? This entertaining and insightful show looks at the challenge of handling one’s life after death. Upon leaving this world, people find themselves in a Transport faced with all of the baggage that they have accumulated in their lifetime. Carry On makes light and sense out of a very heavy topic by touching on beliefs from all walks of life and respecting each one as it does so.  There are characters who (refusing to let go) have been stuck in the Transport for an eternity, a specialized staff to aid passengers in each station (not to mention a very busy complaint desk), and characters who pull at your heartstrings as they are forced to leave their loved ones behind.  This show will make you think- all the while “lifting you up when your spirits are down.”

Peace of Mind:  A life altering musical
After an accident leaves him in a coma, Robert Rosenthal’s family waits by his bedside and uses their memories of him to try to wake him up and to explore what his life truly means. As family members come and go from the hospital room in the transitions, we get to see what is really going on in Bob’s mind…and it may not be what you would expect. From the videotape of a family reunion that he missed, to a montage of Bob’s school days, to a game show starring the doctor who is caring for him, the audience soars through Bob’s memories and thoughts without ever seeing Bob himself.  This show is a celebration of someone’s life, an explanation of how he got there and the moment he lets go.

Fallen:  One hell of a musical
On the verge of a mental breakdown from stress, the Devil has had it with the inhabitants of hell and up and quits his eternal post.  After mass hysteria, the citizens there decide to do the only thing they can do- hold an election for a new devil. Who will be the next Devil? How would you feel if you suddenly found yourself down below? What’s the sum of all your fears and what would happen if hell literally froze over? Is it there really no way out?  Find out in this sidesplitting tale of Hell turned upside down.

About Face:  A musical recollection
This avant-garde musical narrated by a colorful group of players deals with the broad ideas of war and the effects it has on soldiers and those that are left behind.  There are a group of Wanderers who bring a human element to the story, a group of soldiers who illustrate the mechanics of a conflict, and the group of players who poetically and comically guide us through the story, shedding light onto the many challenges faced by war torn communities.

Taking Root:  A ground breaking musical
We have a lot to learn from Mother nature. A group of players gather “down by the old oak tree” to explore life’s greatest lessons through the wisdom of nature in this humorous and touching musical. Told in vignettes, the players deal with a variety of topics:  A classified ad search that comes to life, a solider away at war, an amusement park ride called “It’s a World of Prejudice”, an artist struggling with the effects of going blind, the family tree of life and more.  All the while we are reminded that the answers and explanations we may be looking for in our lives can be learned from stepping outside into the open air of the earth we live on.

Once Upon the Other Side:  A musical fairy tale
Do you believe in fairytale creatures? They believe in you…in fact they depend on you!  In a last ditch effort to save Fairytale Land, a group of legendary fairytale
characters including Cinderella, Rapunzel, and the three blind mice, cross into the real world through a magic mirror.  Disguised as middle school students, they plan investigate why kids are no longer reading their stories.  However, blending in at a modern middle school proves to be a hilariously challenging feat, especially once the school nerds begin an investigation of their own to reveal the true identities of the fairytale characters at the school dance. This charming story will make you think twice before closing a book.

Paradise Found:  A musical discovery
When Paradise Cruiselines makes an unexpected stop at the legendary lost island of Ananab, the passengers stumble upon a mysterious group of islanders who challenge their every notion of the modern world today.  These “Anabians” teach the shipwrecked passengers their way of life and, in return, the passengers teach them about the world beyond the island Ananab.  When these tales start triggering repressed memories in the Anabians, a conspiracy unravels and true identities are revealed in a twist, which would blow anyone out the water.