Dear Berlin

DEAR BERLIN: A Musical Breakthrough
Fort Lauderdale, Florida Teen Session One (2013)



On May 13th, 1961 the citizens of Berlin woke up to a city divided in two: West Berlin, controlled by the allied nations and East Berlin, which remained under communist rule, leaving East Berliners trapped inside their city. Once it became clear that the wall wasn’t temporary, the citizens of Berlin became desperate to reunite with their loved ones. Inspired by true stories, Dear Berlin, A Musical Breakthrough follows three generations of extraordinary people as they attempt to get under, over and finally, through the wall.

Written by the students and staff of The Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts June 2013 Teen Session One.


Nicolas Aquino, Sydney Belabin, Hallee Bernstein, Brian Brant, Victoria Capdeville Axel Carlsson, Jamie Cohen, Andie Corban, Elizabeth Cornfeld, Iyanu Corniel, Ryan DelGaudio, Daley Drucker, Stephanie Ezekiel, Jenna Flemons,Frida Furebring, Alexander Håkansson, Samantha Hodes, Ryan Juda, Hadley Knapp, Jordan McKinnon, Olle Nordström, Adele Oliver, Spencer Perlman, Amy Pinargote, Maxwell Pineiro, Brian Pridgeon, Sophie Septoff, Christina Serrato, Tara Shafa, Sydney Shiekman, Philip Siemund, Sherie Spangler, Benjamin Steiner, Quinn Swearingen, Matt Tribby, Trevor Wayne, Allison Wilson

Artistic Director/ Co-Director- Carrie Gilchrist; Co-Director- Nathan Tysen; Assistant Director- Ambar Torres; Co-Music Director- Jason Pomerantz; Co-Music Director- Michael Finke; Script Editor- Jamie McCall; Assistant Script Editor- Tyler Grimes; Choreographer- Marcus Davis; Media and Design- Cecilia Träff and Alana Miller; Technical Director- John Henningsen; Costumes/Props- Elizabeth Garrard; Administrator- Shelly Bernstein; Assistant Administrator- Lauri Oliver; Intern in Directing- Danica Horton; Intern in Script/Music- Eric Flemons; Intern in Music: Steven Gordon

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