Q: Do I have to have proven talent in the performing arts in order to be accepted into a Lovewell workshop?

A: No, Virginia, you do not! Lovewell is an opportunity to explore your creativity through the arts, and if you have a passion to express that creativity, this is a wonderful opportunity. If you like the creative arts, want to find out how you might fit into that world, and are willing to work in a focused group, Lovewell is perfect for you.

Q. Are there programs for people of all ages?

A: Yes! We run workshops around the globe for people of all ages. Please watch our events page for our Intergenerational day long workshops that will take place several times a year around the globe. Also, if you are interested in setting up your own workshop anywhere in the world and having us come in and facilitate, we love to do that! We have run 2 hour song writing workshops for a room full of corporate suits, we have done day long intensive creative workshops to build morale in a company and we have had great success in our Intergenerational workshops that have participants from the age of 9 to 99.

Q. I am a professional artist and want to know how I can get involved in the Lovewell Organization?

A: We welcome artists of all types into the Lovewell Community.  If you are interested in being a participant, please stay tuned on our application page for the various workshops we run throughout the year for people of all ages.  If you are interested in joining our staff, please send us a letter of inquiry from our contact us page. Finally, we have our professional theatre company, The Lovewell Theatre Project, that produces shows and will have audition calls as well as technical theatre positions from time to time.

Q: My child is a very successful dancer and achieved recognition both in school and in the arts community, do you think Lovewell can offer them the level of artistic challenge that they need?

A: Lovewell recognizes and nurtures the creativity in artistic young people. Students are given an opportunity to see how their talent and interest can be combined with others to create an artistic expression that communicates their ideas to others. Frequently, creative people are gifted in more that one area of expression and Lovewell gives students the opportunity to explore their creativity in all areas, beginning with the conception and ending with the performance of a stage-worthy musical piece.

Q: I am a theatre instructor and would like to know how I can use the Lovewell Method in my teaching?

A: The Lovewell staff is happy to come and run a short workshop with you and your students to guide you in the Lovewell Method.  Simply contact us to tailor a program to fit your needs. We also have many original Lovewell shows available in our catalogue of new works in which you can rent a script, score and rehearsal accompaniment in order to produce your own show.

Q: My child loves the theatre but doesn’t want to be on stage. What could they contribute to the workshop?

A: Since the production is created from the ground up, there are many different elements to the process. A student who prefers to not actually perform in the show could participate in the writing sessions, the design and construction of the set and print material, stage management, directing or general arts management. Needless to say, there are boundless jobs to be had in every aspect of the creative process.