ILLUMINA: A Musical Making Waves
Fort Lauderdale, Floria Junior Session Two (2014)


All Aboard the Illumina, the first ever fully automated luxury cruise! Boasting screens on every wall, high-speed synchronization technology and a crew of enthusiastic cyborgs, the Illumina offers a futuristic experience unlike any other. Cruise-goers of all ages jump at the chance to be part of a new era. Some families, like the Cliffs, are blown away by the gadgets on the ship, while other families, like the wealthy Hollands, are not so impressed. Amidst a cast of colorful characters, ranging from two nostalgic old ladies, to a computer hacker, to a power-hungry robo-parrot, the cruisers of the Illumina come face to face with the questions of our future, namely: how do we live with technology and how do we survive without it?

Written in the Summer of 2014 by the students and staff of Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts:


Lily Avrunin, Marti Bennett, Rylee Berger, Alex Bluth, Briana Cannata, Riley Frost, Lilly Gitlitz, Kaitlyn Hodes, Amanda Kopelman, Sarah McDonald, Julia Musso, Sophie Roth-Knigin, Ashlyn Scorca, Skylar Scorca, Kimberly Sessions, Dani Sinai, Jacqueline Sinai, Kaylee Slade, Sophie Vega


Gabby Groten (Director), Dorie Spangler (Script Editor), Andrew Gilbert (Music Director), Jacob Jeffries (Music Director), Meagan Nagy (Choreographer), Alana Miller (Media and Design), John Henningson (Technical Director),  Nicolas Aquino (Intern in Music), Hadley Knapp (Intern in Tech), Shelly Bernstein (Administrator), Lauri Oliver (Administrator), Michael Oliver (Assistant Administrator), Carrie Gilchrist (Producing Artistic Director)

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