Kollomysteriet: En whodunnit musikal
Lovewell Junior Oskarshamn, Sweden
July 8th-July 20th, 2019



A group of children are looking forward to spending their summer at the Adventure Camp, swimming, trying new sports or maybe just getting away from their parents to play video games. However, things do not go as planned. The very first night, most of the children mysteriously vanish from the camp and end up in three magical places – a pirate ship, an enchanted forest, and a place where everything is made up of food. Back at the camp, the remaining children realize that it must be someone in the staff that lies behind the kidnapping – and the campers decide to find the culprit before it is too late and their friends will be stuck in their worlds forever.





Written by the students and staff of the Lovewell Junior Oskarshamn workshop.


Astrid Ankarblom, Adam Bridger, Elvira Bridger, Majken Elg, Ester Hultman, Calle Jansell, Vera Klasson, Stina Kullman, Greta Melkersson, Tida Ndire, Ella Nordenström, Vendela Rolf, Adrian Råd, Herman Wictorzon, Hilda Linnéa Wictorzon, Märta Wictorzon, Sigrid Wictorzon


Director: Helena Hallberg; Music Staff: Helena Hallberg, Mats Peterson, Sherie Spangler; Choreographer: Kimmi Johnson; Script Editor: Albert Ohlin; Intern: Emma Tigerström; Technical Director: Tal Kochav; Costumes and Props Staff: Omri Rolan, Tal Kochav, Jen Laudia; Administrator: Birgitta Petterson; Graphic Design: Helena Sund; Lovewell Sweden Chapter Manager: Jen Laudia; Producing Artistic Director: Carrie Gilchrist


Watch the Live Steam of this show courtesy of the Lovewell Facebook Page

Kollomysteriet Video