Light Up the Night

Light Up the Night: A Musical Podcast in the Dark
Lovewell Teen Oskarshamn, Sweden
July 8th-July 29th, 2019



On the night of October 15th, 2009 The Piper Family went to the movies and never returned — leaving behind one daughter and a mystery that alienated their small town of Stonemill Creek. Ten years after the disappearance, a podcast brings global attention to the secrets of the small town. But what’s more interesting than what happened to Stonemill Creek in the ten years since October 15th, 2009 is what takes place on October 15th, 2019.








Written by the students and staff of the Lovewell Oskarshamn Teen workshop.


Sophie Amador, Adam Aref, Lillian Avrunin, Hanna Aref, Rylee Berger, Ebba Berggård, Kevin Berglund, Emil Bridger, Adina Carlinger, Freja Castillo Möller, Danté Centofanti, Milla Cerne, Agnes Elg,  Esmeralda Elger, Maria Fredheim, Anna Furebring, Nemat Gul, Katie Hodes, Maya Hörnberg, Thea Hörnberg, Lova Jansell, Rasmus Jansell, Ina Jansson, Livia Karlsson, Märta Klasson, Tea Kratz, Moa Kullman, Liberty Lapayowker, Konstance Lenefors, Ella Magnusson, Malin Magnusson, Sergio Marquez, Moa Melkersson, Hillary Jacobs, Alma Nilsson Jakobsson, Hilma Persson, Gabriela Phillips, Mika Reis, Oscar Schmidt, Rileigh Schmidt, Alva Smedberg, Tilde Smedberg, Alrik Strömblad, Nina Wardaeus, Johanna Widov, Clara Wärnsberg, Kitty Zirnig Andersson


Director: Carrie Gilchrist; Assistant Director: Jen Laudia; Co-Music Directors: Nils-Petter Ankarblom, Mats Petersson, Sherie Spangler; Choreographer: Kimmi Johnson; Co-Script Editors: Jamie Johnson, Marjorie Spangler; Assistant Script Editor/Costumes and Props: Omri Rolan; Technical Director: Tal Kochav; Graphic Design, Social and Multi-Media Manager: Helena Sund; Residential Manager: Malin Bridger; Administrator: Birgitta Petersson; Lovewell Sweden Chapter Manager: Jen Laudia; Producing Artistic Director: Carrie Gilchrist


Watch the live stream of this show courtesy of the Lovewell Facebook Page:

Light Up the Night Video