One of Mind, One of Heart

ONE OF MIND, ONE OF HEART: The Musical Tale of Veros and Cordesia

Columbus, Ohio Teen (2017)

In Partnership with Short North Stage



Thousands of years ago, The Twin Gods of Logic and Emotion split the World in two. Now, the modern worlds are experiencing a sense of Loss for something they can’t name. When a Mythological Portal is discovered between the two worlds, Logic and Emotion collide. Can the two exist as one, or will their meeting lead to destruction?


Written and composed by the students and staff of the 2017 Lovewell Columbus, OH Lovewell workshop (June 21st, 2017-July 8, 2017) in partnership with Short North Stage



Emma Bhatt, Abigail Collinsworth, Kevin Doney, Andrea Gutierrez, Kathleen Harpham, Fatema Hilal, Brennan Johnson, Justin Ly, Jenny Morrison, Youssef Nagaty, Sydnie Pease, Lauren Phillips, Quinn Simmons, Ian Wesley, Zach Wright


Lovewell Staff:

Director: Cassie Spangler; Assistant Director: Stephanie Prince; Music Director: Michael Finke; Choreographer: Marcus Davis; Script Editor: JJ Parkey; Technical Director: Edward Carignan; Costumes And Props: Stephanie Keller; Interns: Mikaela Ray, Brian Chiou And Jacob Miller; Media And Design: Tobi Nagy (Off Site); Columbus Chapter Manager: Stephanie Prince; Producing Artistic Director: Carrie Gilchrist


Short North Stage Staff:

Producers: Peter Yockel, Rick Gore


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