Party Ever After

PARTY EVER AFTER: A Musical Spiked With Eternity

Coral Springs, Florida (2015)

In Partnership with J.P. Taravella High School


Funding for this project is provided in part by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners as recommended by the Broward Cultural Council.



When a group of students get lost on the way to a friend’s party, they find themselves in a mansion home to the world’s only “Never-Ending Party.” The guests are crazy, the servants are ominous, and the punch tastes funny. With music, murder, dancing, limbo, and a string of missing pizza delivery people, these students are going to find out just how serious partying can be in Party Ever After: A Musical Spiked With Eternity.



Daniel Agmon, Leanne Antonio, Mohamad Atallah, Jana Ball, Mia Bennett, Edgar Barrios, Taylor Barth, Julie Berman, Mia Borselli, Carmen Bulthuis, Rajdale Calloo, Griffin Cerra, Katie Cottrell, Devyn DeAngelis, Linda Fountain, Jennifer de Freitas, Ashleigh Henderson, Brittany Hinsey, Don Jeanis, Rachel Ihasz, Kalvin Kocikowski, Gabby Lawlor, Melissa Lawrence, Claire Lefort, Wayne Lewis, Marcus McGruder, Alex Montesino, Anthony Nieves, Jessica O’Donnell, Adele Oliver, Hagan Oliveras, Dashawn Perry, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Teddi Shaffer Sara Shayanian, Todd Silver, Nicolette Trivlis, Kareem Walters, Morgan Wolfe



Director/Script Editor- Tyler Grimes, Music Director- Dave Hamar, Choreographer- Meagan Nagy, Classroom Teacher- Lori Sessions, Producing Artistic Director- Carrie Gilchrist


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