Powerless: A Striking New Musical
Lovewell Junior Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 
June 11th-29th, 2018


Every year, the gods of Mount Olympus compete in the Great Games, a tournament that showcases each of their talents. But when a demigod daughter of Prometheus enters her team of humans into the Games, things take an unexpected turn. Mortals and immortals alike learn to work together and embrace their differences in Powerless: A Striking New Musical.


Written by the students and staff of the June 2018 Junior Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Lovewell workshop.



Kayra Arik, Saige Becker, Grace Botsford, Emiliana “Nana” Boulton, Nathaniel Brent, Chloe Christofidis, Ryan Cullen, Hannah Czerniejewski, Lara Demoraes, Joshua Diaz, Ariel Feldbaum, Morgan Gold, Jane Goldsmith, Lucky John-Carney, Carley Kaplan, Ben Marmer, Rory Ostrower, Simon Ostrower, Sophie Pineiro, Daniela Sofia Pulido Klug, Lily Rubenstein, Persy Sanchez, Daniel Smith, Madelyn Streisfeld, Cassidy Stumer, Lindsay Stumer, Reagan Tripp, Sofia Wallace, Thomas Wallace



Director: Kimmi Johnson; Assistant Director: Sami Hodes; Music Director: Shelbie Rassler; Choreographer: Adele Oliver; Script Editor: Jenn Schell; Technical Director: Kenny Duecker; Assistant Tech Director: Samuel Robles; Costumes and Props: Ben Solmor; Assistant Costumes and Props: Kaitlin Feinberg; Social and Multi-Media: Nathan Vogel; Graphic Design: Tobi Waldron; Interns: Sophie Lopez, Gianna Milici, Allison Wilson; Intern in Administration: Sydney Belabin; Co-Administrators: Shelly Bernstein and Lauri Oliver; FLL Chapter Manager: Tyler Grimes; Producing Artistic Director: Carrie Gilchrist


Watch this show on our Vimeo Page:

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