REWIND: A Rockin’ Musical 
Fort Lauderdale, Florida Junior Session One (2012)



In a town that has lost all its excitement, the band members of Zweet Nightmare desperately search for a place to have their music appreciated. They stumble upon an abandoned venue and meet a group of loyal fangirls who rewind time to show the kids what their boring town used to be. When the inspired band comes back and learns that their new favorite hangout may be taken away from them, it is up to them to save the music. With the help of the fan girls and two washed up radio hosts, Zweet Nightmare boldly goes where no kid has gone before and tries to remind Rockville how to rock again.


Written by the students and staff of the 2012 Lovewell Junior Session One workshop:


Sophie Amador, Lily Avrunin, Marti Bennett, Lacy Borkson, Nicole Cano, Cassie Cook, Roberto De Liso,  Katie Deeter, Tyler Egan, Sierra Elder, Isabella Fraser, Lilly Gitiltz, Katie Hodes, Tommi Laufer, Julieanna Matlack, Samantha Morim, Julia Musso, Dylan Olster, Andrea Otero, Sophie Roth-Knigin, Skylar Scorca, Quinn Swearingen, Laura Weinstein



* Stage Director: Tobi Sarah Nagy * Assistant Director : Gabby Groten * Musical Director: Andy Gilbert* Script Editor: Angela Miller * Choreographer: Jenna Iden * Media/Design: Cecilia Träff * Intern in Tech: Michelle Pinargote * Intern in Media/Design: Alana Miller * Costume and Prop Mistress: Gwen Spalding * Tech: Meredith Payne * Administrator: Shelly Bernstein *Assistant Administrator: Lauri Oliver * Producing Artistic Director: Carrie Gilchrist *


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