RUNAWAY: A New Musical 
St. Petersburg, Russia (2008)
In partnership with Gymnasia 166 St. Petersburg


With a militant father at the head of some secret Russian operations, a young boy has only two choices: join his father’s lifestyle or run away.  While on the streets, he meets people in his community who have been directly effected by his father’s choices and feels even more strongly about his decision.  Much time passes and the boy accidentally stumbles upon his sister one day on a crowded street. She convinces him that since he has left, his father has changed, become a different man.  With the thought in his head that he will give his father one more chance, he goes home to face his family.  A song underscores his homecoming, “You may run away/ but something follows you/ no matter where you go/ no matter what you do.” His father embraces him.  Things really can change. Sometimes you have to run away in order to really face what you are running from.


The creators and cast:


Watch a very short clip of the opening number:


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