Sanctuary: A Musical Refuge

Lovewell Teen Columbus, Ohio (In Partnership with Short North Stage
July 9th-21st, 2018


In a world where marginalized people are deemed “unwanted,” there is an underground community where they can express their true identities. However, a new police chief in town has decided to crack down on these “unwanteds”–threatening to uproot and destroy this hidden community.


Written by the students and staff of the July 2018 Teen Columbus, Ohio Lovewell workshop.



Tahlia Allen, Kendall Amodeo, Emma Bhatt, Abby Choi, Abbie Collinsworth, Brenna Daugherty, Kevin Doney, Jonah Gilbert, Raegan Givant, Andrea Gutierrez, Fatema Hilal, Ian Hoffman, Justin Ly, Lily Manoukian, Jenny Morrison, Youssef Nagaty, Sydnie Pease, Lauren Phillips, Cassie Reichert, Quinn Simmons, Madison Wallace, Ian Wesley, Laura Wininger, McKinley Witt



Director & Script Editor: JJ Parkey; Assistant Director & Choreographer: Stephanie Prince; Music Director: Michael Finke; Music Assistant: Mikaela Ray; Technical Director: ; Props & Costumes: Stephanie Keller, Graphic Design: Tobi Waldron; Interns: Jennifer Clemens, Emma Kinnison, Anna Sylvester; Lovewell Columbus Chapter Manager: Stephanie Prince; Producing Artistic Director: Carrie Gilchrist


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