Selective Service

SELECTIVE SERVICE: An Empowering Musical

Fort Lauderdale, Florida Teen Session One (2016)



The Republic of Ouroboria has just mandated that women be draft eligible. One squad’s first assignment is to help rebuild the allied nation of New Phoenicia, but the media coverage surrounding the event quickly unravels into a web of lies, deceit, and manipulation. It will take a brand new understanding of how we communicate as sisters and brothers to help right the ship in Selective Service: An Empowering Musical.


Written and composed by the students and staff of the 2016 Lovewell Teen Fort Lauderdale Session One workshop (June 13th­ – July 3rd, 2016)



Sophia “Smize” Amador, Lily Avrunin, Sydney Belabin, Rylee Berger, Valeria “Val” Castano, Ben Crawford, Kenny Duecker, Lilly “LL” Gitlitz, Kaitlyn “Katie” Hodes, Hillary Jacobs, Diamond Jones, Susanna Ninomiya, Olivia Philipson, Gabriela “Gaby” Phillips, Sophie “Lil Soph” Roth-Knigin, Becky Saka, Julian Suarez, Emma “Eggs” Wasserman, Shannon Williams



Director- Angela Miller; Assistant Director- JJ Parkey; Co-Music Director – Dave Hamar; Co-Music Director- Jacob Jeffries; Choreographer – Marcus Davis; Script Editor- Tyler Grimes; Technical Director- Joe Rawda; Props and Costumes- Cameron Jordan; Assistant Technical Director- Christian Wong; Props and Costumes Assistant- Andie Garcia; Intern- Sydney Shiekman; Media and Design- Tobi Sarah Nagy; Administrators- Shelly Bernstein, Lauri Oliver; Fort Lauderdale Chapter Manager- Tyler Grimes; Producing Artistic Director- Carrie Gilchrist


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