Getting Away With Murder

Ft. Lauderdale, FL in cooperation with Pine Crest Preparatory School (teens)


Colette gets the leading role in her high school production. She is a real prima donna and mean and abusive to her classmates, her fellow cast members, and her sister, Camille. Urged by her mother to go to the school counselor, Colette swears she doesn’t know why people don’t like her. The counselor is writing a book on troubled teens and sees a valuable case study. Classmates plot to embarrass Colette by slipping vodka into her diet coke at a birthday party. She indeed gets drunk, but unexpectedly falls down, hits her head and dies. Guilt-ridden students pour into the counselor’s office and admit to the murder. We experience the moral dilemma of the counselor as the students help him determine the right thing to do.


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