Lost And Found


In cooperation with the Educational Coalition of Monroe County, the Monroe County Council of the Arts, the Monroe County Schools, and the Marathon City Council. Monroe County, FL (teens)


Some adventurous teenagers are hiking through the woods and get lost trying to find their way back to their summer camp. Some emotionally disturbed kids have escaped into the woods from their oppressive lock-down institution. They all meet and take shelter in an old abandoned house deep in the forest. The mysterious house is full of items from their past that trigger memories, mind trips, and questions about how they got to where they are. Much is revealed in flashbacks and songs probing the origins of their unrest. The emotionally disturbed kids and the campers have much in common and eventually bond. In a dramatic confrontation, the doctors from the institution and the camp counselors find the kids and attempt to split them up and take them back. Finally the doctors and counselors must listen to the kids and honor their uniqueness, self-expression and creativity.


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