Drawn In

DRAWN IN (2002)
Ft. Lauderdale, FL in cooperation with the YMCA of Broward County and Nova Southeastern University (teens)


Comic books come to life and the boundaries between reality and fantasy become blurred. Act One is a political tale that follows the campaign of a powerful politician and her husband and two children. Her teenage son is writing a comic book as a way to communicate with his autistic sister. His book parallels his family’s dysfunction and the ruthless ambition of his mother. The media uncovers the story and the politician loses the election but wins back her family. Act Two is the story of a young artist who owns a small coffee shop that’s being threatened by the competition – a large “Starbucks-like” chain. She draws her struggles in large comic strips that she displays in her shop. Her art concerns a place called Popperville where an evil doctor clones people to be identical, docile and dependent upon being told what to do. Before long, customers start coming to her shop out of curiosity and admiration of her art and the allegory of Popperville as it relates to consumerism and individual identity. Both her art and her coffee become a huge success.


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