Uh Oh!

UH OH! (2002)
Lovewell JR’s second production
Ft. Lauderdale, FL in cooperation with the YMCA of Broward County (ages 8-12)


A local writer stirs things up in her hometown of Whatupdunno. Betsy has written a book about magical spells that has the President of the PTA very upset. The book is banned and a local reporter starts a series of articles on the controversy. In retaliation, Betsy writes another book of spells where the spells come true whenever they’re read aloud. This causes great anxiety in her little town, and the reporter is always throwing fuel on the fire. The President of the PTA and the other townspeople learn a few things about tolerance, and Betsy has the last laugh when she reads the final page aloud that releases all the spells.



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