Banned Together

BANNED TOGETHER: A Musical Taking Liberties (2004)
Ft. Lauderdale, FL (teens)


Banned Together takes us to the fictional town of Wherever, where an controversial piece of art sparks a heated debate between the towns’ two classes, the ruling Overclass and the artistic Underclass. Frightened by the conflict one piece of art has caused, the Overclass decides to begin initiating bans on self-expression. Propelled by the town’s unethical media, what begins as a single ban soon turns into a re-writing of all the town’s laws. Desperate to regain their rights, the Underclass begins meeting secretly to create their art, and develop a plan to put an end to the bans. Can a town divided over art and expression ever come together again?


Written by the students and staff of the 2004 Lovewell Fort Lauderdale Workshop.


STUDENTS: Dave Friedman, Alana Barrett-Adkins, Guillermo Amador, Avra Aron, Elissa Aron, Stephanie Cacciaguida, Stephanie Sharp, Melissa Cabrera, Alanna Torre, Jacob Ian Groten III, Derek Jayson, Jennifer Laudia, Samantha LaRocco, Meagan Nagy, Alissandra Rodriguez, Matt Nye, Becca Drucker, Ilay Eskinaz, Bill Friedman, Greg Stead, Stephanie Gomez, Stephanie Goodman, Gabby Groten, Cassie Spangler


STAFF: Carrie Gilchrist (Program/Staging Director), Jamie Johnson (Script Supervisor), Ryan McCall (Music Director), Joe Hagen (Director of Media & Design), Holly McLean (Choreographer), Ian Schwartz (Technical Director), Stephanie G. Wieland (Assistant Director), Elissa Greenfield (Administrator)



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