Taking Root

A Groundbreaking Musical
Fort Lauderdale, Teen (2005)


Mother Nature has infinite wisdom. Through a series of vignettes, a group gathers down by an old oak tree and learns the lessons she has to offer: “Stick to your roots,” “Reflect the light of your own true nature,” “Learn to let go like the leaves in the fall.” In one sequence, an artist who is slowly going blind is searching for inspiration for her final painting. With the guidance of her husband she is able to finally find the “Beautiful in Me.”


Conceived, written and composed by the students and staff of Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts summer 2005 Fort Lauderdale, Florida Workshop:


Students: Amy Baum, Hali Charron, Ilay Eskinazi, Kathryn Farah, Michael Finke, Roxanne Fraser, Tim Gaffley, Michaela Gaffley, Kyle Garcia, Stephanie Gomez, Jose Gonzalez, Derek Jayson, Alexandra Martinez, Angela Miller, Meagan Nagy, Matthew Nye, Alex Panisch, Jason Pomerantz, Ali Rodriquez, Stephanie Sharp, Catherine Spangler, Nori Tecosky, Jessica Walsh


Staff: Carrie Gilchrist: Associate Artistic Director/ Stage Director/Program SetUp, Ryan McCall: Musical Director, Stephanie Wieland: Assistant Stage Director, Jamie Johnson: Script Supervisor, Holly McLean: Choreographer, Joseph Hagen: Technical Direction/Graphic Design, Tobi Nagy: Intern, Candice Borden: Intern, Angela Patane: Intern


Purchase “Beautiful in Me” on iTunes.


Watch the full version of Taking Root HERE on Lovewell’s Vimeo page.





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