LIVSTECKEN: A musical gift (2006)
Linköping, Sweden



What will you leave behind? A story about the gifts that a newborn child gets from the society, and what we leave behind when we die. The show consists of eight different vignettes, each with a specific theme. In the end of every vignette, an object, that represents the theme, is put in a baby carriage. The collection includes  “family”, “freedom”, “love”, “to find yourself” and “death”. Some of the characters that are focused upon are the black sheep of the family, a writer with a troubled childhood, a pregnant teenager and a person with seven personalitites. “Sometimes the changes are unwanted, but without them you wouldn’t be right here right now.”


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Conceived, written and composed by the students and staff of the Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts 2006 Linköping, Sweden Workshop.


STUDENTS: Sara Chinikamwala, Susanne Djurle, Tea Harryson, Emilie Holstein, Agnes Josefsson, Antonia Joseffson, Carl-Magnus Juliusson, Mike Kutner, Agnes Malmros, Katie Masi, Anna Ohlin, Erika Renström, David Roberts Kristen Sauder, Cassie Spangler, Malin Strömqvist, Helena Sund, Cecilia Träff, Niclas Zeising


STAFF: Carrie Gilchrist: Associate Artistic Director/American Director, Emelie Lundin: Swedish Director/Program Director, Nils-Petter Ankarblom: Music Director, Henke Harryson: Script Editor, Maria Eriksson:Assistant Music Director/Vocal Coach, Joe Hagen: Director of Media/Design, Orlando Espinosa: Writing Staff, Angelika Roos: Choreographer, Mats Petersson: Music Staff, Christina Sandberg: Marketing, Sofia Lönnberg, Production Assistant, Tomas Andersson: Sound Engineer, Jennifer Nilsén: Vocals




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