DAYBREAK: The Musical Documentary of John Delaney
Fort Lauderdale, Florida Teen Session One (2009)
Made possible by the generosity of Nova Southeastern University and the ASCAP Foundation



John Delaney has made a terrible mistake and has been serving his sentence for the last 12 years. Today is the final day of his sentence, but he is not being set free. What will happen to him?


As a documentary of John Delaney’s life is being filmed, see the prisoners surrounding him, what is going through his mind, how his mistake has effected so many other people and the long struggle to forgive. The story unfolds through haunting melodies and emotional interviews and there is humor found through the eyes of the other prisoners who all have become larger than life in John’s mind.


Written by the Students and Staff of Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts June 8-28, 2009- Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


Sheridan Spangler, Lizzi Ohrablo, Spencer Robelen, Alissandra Rodriguez, Anna Kerr, Eric Flemons, Ambar Torres, Luke Katler, Jared Corak, Dorie Spangler, Hayley Jackowitz, Sydney Piago, Brian Pridgeon, Kimmi Johnson, Melissa Olster, Erin Alexander, Jonathan Tilkin, Hallee Bernstein, Janin Rosas, Megan Kuiper, JD Odom, Justin Odom, Hadley Knapp, Abigail Cline, David Roberts, Nicole Sanderson, Scott Rifkin, Alex Pilaski, Jamie Cohen, Hersh Cohen, Jenna Iden, Ryan Juda, Alana Miller, Ariella Brant, Brandon Campanile, Gwen Spalding


Carrie Gilchrist; Director, Ryan McCall; Music Director, Jamie McCall; Script Editor, Marcus Davis; Choreographer, Margie Spangler; Asst. Director, Michael Finke; Asst. Music Director, Tobi Nagy; Asst. Script Editor, Derek Jayson; Music Intern, Angela Miller; Music Intern, Eric Jackowitz; Music Intern


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