Super Powerless

SUPER-POWERLESS: An Action-Packed Musical

Dayton, Ohio Teen workshop in partnership with The Human Race Theatre Company (2009)



The evil villains have taken over the world and the superheroes are too busy lounging around on the couch to do anything about it. What will happen when the villains take their world domination to the next level? Will the heroes make a heroic comeback? Or will evil truly conquer and control all the powers that be?

Written by the staff and students of Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts in partnership with The Human Race Theatre Company Summer of 2009


STUDENTS: Monique Cooper, Brittania Fader, A.T. Farrell, Joe Ferneding, Eric Flemons, Michael Hall, Hayley Jackowitz, Julia Keenan, Megan Lieberman, Tory Lewis, Charles Logan, Sarah Mackenzie, Jack Merry, Brett Norgaard, Mary Kate O’Neill, Katie O’Sullivan, Maranda Rossi, Dorie Spangler, Amber Todd, Raheem Uqdah, Sunny Yu-Lee, Samantha Eastman


Creative Process Staff: Carrie Gilchrist, Michael Finke, Scott Stoney, Marilyn Klaben, Hannah Grizz


Technical Staff: Ray Zupp, Carol Finley, John Findley, Nathan Dean


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