Category Five

CATEGORY FIVE: A Musical Blown Out of Proportion
Fort Lauderdale, Florida Junior Session One (2010)
With Support from the ASCAP Foundation and the Broward County Cultural Division



Category 5: A Musical Blown Out of Proportion is the story of what happens when you fear what you do not understand. Four “gifted” students from Seagull High are chosen to combat the 50 Year Storm; a storm so devastating it has the power to destroy the entire planet. Saving the world becomes business as usual until the media gets word of the secret meetings the “gifted” students are attending; jealousy arises and rash actions are taken. It will take teamwork, understanding, and the help of some wacky friends to save the world and each other.


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Watch “Back There” from Category 5 as performed at the New Works for the New Year annual concert:


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