Face Value

FACE VALUE: A Priceless Musical
Fort Lauderdale, Florida Junior Session Two (2010)

With Support from the ASCAP Foundation and the Broward County Cultural Division


Written by the Students and Staff of the Lovewell Institute 2010 Summer Junior Workshop Session Two – Fort Lauderdale, FL:


STUDENTS: Rachel Battaglia, Sarah Branse, Brian Brant, Nicole Cano, Iyanu Corniel, Georgi Cowan, Marirosa Crawford, Sierra Elder, Alyssa Fantel, Maya Ferchland-Parella, Caleb Fiedler, Cole Fiedler, Laura Galindo, Sami Hodes, Ariana Hyppolite, Savaya Kent, Devon Kutil, Ilana Manns, Jillian Metzger, Samantha Morim, Adele Oliver, Dylan Olster, Andrea Otero, Ashley Page, Simran Rajani, Camila Salomon, Sydney Shiekman, Erica Steinkohl, Matt Tribby, Annie White


STAFF: *Director: Elizabeth Garrard * Music Director: Andrew Gilbert * Script Editor/Asst. Music Director: Shawn Snyder * Choreographer: Meagan Nagy * Media and Design: Tobi Nagy * Asst. Script Editor: Cassie Spangler * Asst. Choreographer: Jenna Iden * Intern: Nina Ramos * Intern: Alissandra Rodriguez * Administrator: Shelly Bernstein * Program Set-Up/Associate Artistic Director: Carrie Gilchrist


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Watch “Hands Up It’s A Hold Up” from Face Value as performed at the New Works for the New Year:


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