MERIDIAN: A Musical Legend
Fort Lauderdale, Florida Teen Session One (2010)
With Support from the ASCAP Foundation and the Broward County Cultural Division



Is there something else out there? The small community of Meridian is too scared to go up and too scared to go out, which leaves them with the only option; go down. Set in the west with a haunting folksy sound, this town is in a tug-o-war about whether or not to follow their hearts to progress or stand still and leave there lives the way they have always been. The latter does not seem like much of an option anymore as the mayor has a new initiative to set up dig sites around the town to look for old artifacts that could be useful in their society today. What will happen to the town if they actually find something of significance? Come and feel time stop. Meridian.


Conceived, composed, written, performed and produced by the Students and Staff of the Lovewell Institute 2010 Summer Teen Workshop – Fort Lauderdale, FL:


STUDENTS: Dani Ben-Reuven, Hallee Bernstein, Melissa Bouganim, Demetrius Cleare, Jamie Cohen, Dani Cooke, Jared Corak, Eric Flemons, Victoria Greene, Sam Highsmith, Hayley Jackowitz, Kimmi Johnson, Ryan Juda, Luke Katler, Hadley Knapp, Magan Kuiper, Kevin Lozano, Jordan McKinnon, Alana Miller, Mackenzie Murray, Daniel Navon, Justin Odom, Melissa Olster, Melinda Page, Sydney Piago, Max Pinero, Jesse Pollack, Brian Pridgeon, Spencer Robelen, David Roberts, Janin Rosas, Emily Roth, Francesca Rousseau, Christina Serrato, Tara Shafa, Hogan Siedel, Dorie Spangler, Sherie Spangler, Jonathan Tilkin, Brandon Vilarello, Rachel Wallack


STAFF: *Associate Artistic Director/Director/Workshop Set Up: Carrie Gilchrist, *Music Director: Ryan McCall, *Playwright/Script Editor: Jamie McCall, *Choreographer: Marcus Davis, *Assistant Director: Margie Spangler, *Assistant Script Editor/Media & Design: Tobi Nagy, *Assistant Music Director: Jason Pomerantz, * Costume/Set Design: Mary Lu Odom, *Administrator: Shelly Bernstein, *Graphic Design: Joe Hagen *Intern: Ambar Torres, *Intern: Antonia Martinez


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