True Calling

TRUE CALLING: A Musical Perspective
Fort Lauderdale, Florida Teen Session Two (2010)
With Support from the ASCAP Foundation and the Broward County Cultural Division


Conceived, written and composed by the students and staff of the Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts 2010 Fort Lauderdale, Florida Workshop:


STUDENTS: Nicolas Aquino, Jessica Aquino, Tasha Austin, Miriam Bedrin, Dani Ben-Raven, Hallee Bernstein, Melissa Bouganim, Victoria Capdeville, Stephanie Ezekiel, Emma Ferchland-Parella, Victoria Greene, Samantha Hall, Logan Hammel, Clarissa Humm, Britnie Hyppolite, Murielle Joseph, Sebastianne Kent, Haylee Levin, Anthony Martinez, Joseph May, Jordan McKinnon, Justin Odom, Melissa Olster, Melinda Page, Sydney Pigao, Michelle Pinargote, Maxwell Pinerio, Jesse Pollack, Brian Pridgeon, Alex Pridgeon, Emily Roth, Tara Shafa, Perry Tobin, Brandon Vilarello


STAFF: Jamie Johnson McCall: Director, Ryan McCall: Music Director, Tobi Sarah Nagy: Script Editor/Media & Design, Erin Debold: Choreographer, Nathan Tysen: Assistant Director, Jason Pomerantz: Assistant Music Director, Ambar Torres: Intern, John David Odom: Intern, Danica Horton: Intern, Mary Lu Odom: Technical Design/Costume, Michele Bernstein: Administrator, Carrie Gilchrist: Program Director/Set Up


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Watch a performance of “Sasquatch” from True Calling as performed at the New Works for the New Year concert:



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