Why license a Lovewell show?



  • The artistic quality of these shows is sure to surprise you. The passion and imagination of the students involved combined with the craft and experience of our professional staff have led to unique, timely and wildly creative works with a clear and important purpose.
  • Every penny that comes in from the licensing of these productions goes back into our not for profit organization and is used to fund students attending our workshops where they can write their own original musicals. By producing a Lovewell show you are contributing to arts education in one of the best ways possible!
  • Give your cast the opportunity to craft characters that cannot be imitated because, as of now, these shows have not been widely seen or heard. By producing a Lovewell show you are allowing your students to perform work by young artists for young artists.
  • If you choose, you can have the professional artists who worked each piece come to your theatre and work with your cast. A line is not landing? A lyric could be better? Your cast will get hands on experience workshopping a new show and will be immersed in every part of the creative process.
  • Create a Brand New Learning Environment- Shows supplement and enrich curriculum in endlessly exciting ways.
  • Premiere a Show in Your Area- Hop on the train, be cutting edge and secure rights to premiere a new musical.
  • Save Money- Affordable licensing deals include music tracks available today.