Soul Responsibility

Soul Responsibility: An Original Musical
Lovewell Hoxie, Kansas (in partnership with the Dane G. Hansen Foundation)
May 28th-June 1st, 2019



The year is 1959. The town is McKoi, Kansas, where the Wildeman Theater is the cultural centerpiece. But when the final bow of their latest musical ends in tragedy, the theater is closed as the community mourns. 60 years later a group of teens break into the abandoned theater and become determined to bring it back to life to show the town the impact the arts can still have. The only problem? The teens soon begin to suspect that the theater is haunted, and after recruiting a Hollywood Medium to help, they learn that ghosts are just the beginning of the mystery on hand in Soul Responsibility: An Original Musical.


Written by the students and staff of the May/June 2019 Hoxie, Kansas Lovewell workshop.


Blaine Acheson, Kaylee Babcock, Talon Corke, Jazlyn Fenner, Alie Fraser, Isabel Ordoñez, Lauren Patmon, Victoria Rucker, Ethan Schadel, Jaylei Sloan, Candace Taylor


Director/Script Editor-Tyler Grimes; Music Director/Choreographer- Michael Finke; Intern/Media/Administration- Katie Messerla; Intern- Anna Hahn; Graphic Design (Off Site)- Jamie Cohen; Hoxie Administrator On Site- Bonnie Cameron; Producing Artistic Director (Off Site): Carrie Gilchrist


Watch the Live Stream of this show courtesy of the Lovewell Facebook Page:

Soul Responsibility Live Stream