The Alternate

THE ALTERNATE: The Musical Tale of Nikola Tesla
Fort Lauderdale Teen Session One (2012)



At the turn of the century, two inventors battle to become the king of the electric age: one, the legendary Thomas Edison, the other, the largely forgotten Nikola Tesla. The Alternate: A Musical Tale of Nikola Tesla tells the fascinating and largely unknown story of an immigrant with a brilliant and unusual mind, and his big dreams of perfecting the energy that powers our world. Set against the backdrop of the World’s Fair of 1893, The Alternate details the rise and fall of a brilliant man who sacrificed everything to change our world and illuminates the legacy he left behind.


Watch the full video of The Alternate HERE on Lovewell’s Vimeo channel.


Written by the students and staff of the teen session one Fort Lauderdale workshop 2012:



Nicolas Aquino, Miriam Bedrin, Sydney Belabin, Hallee Bernstein, Brian Brant, Victoria Capdeville, Jamie Cohen, Andie Corban, Elizabeth Cornfeld, Georgi Cowan, Ryan DelGaudio, Daley Drucker, Stephanie Ezekiel, Jenna Flemons, Samantha Highsmith, Samantha Hodes, Samuel Janvier, Murielle Joseph, Ryan Juda, Hadley Knapp, Jessica Luya, Jordyn McGrew, Jillian Metzger, Daniel Navon, Adele Oliver, Melinda Page, Ashley Page, Amy Pinargote, Max Pineiro, Stefanie Prieto, Camila Salomon, Natalia Salomon, Jennifer Schell, Erika Schell, Kaytie Scott, Sophie Septoff, Christina Serrato, Sydney Shiekman, Sherie Spangler, Jonathan Tilkin, Matt Tribby, Brandon Vilarello, Allison Wilson



Carrie Gilchrist- Stage Director/Producing Associate Artistic Director, Ambar Torres- Assistant Director, Nils-Petter Ankarblom- Music Director, Marcus Davis- Choreographer, Jamie McCall- Script Editor, Jason Pomerantz- Assistant Music Director, Omri Rolan- Assistant Script Editor, Dorie Spangler, Script Intern, Cecilia Träff- Media and Design, Alana MIller- Intern in Media and Design, Meredeth Payne- Technical Director, Gwen Spalding- Costume/Props, Michelle Pinargote- Intern in Tech, Shelly Bernstein- Administrator, Lauri Oliver- Assistant Administrator


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