The Beauty of Namu

THE BEAUTY OF NAMU: A Musical Reflection
Fort Lauderdale, Florida Junior Session One (2014)
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All is peaceful in the mystical forest of Namu. Villagers live in harmony with nature, gathering daily at a crystal clear pond to reflect on their lives and ask for guidance from the woodland spirits. This is how the Namu’s typically resolve their problems, until “the Vanities” a visiting crowd of poisonous flowers, present new solutions in the form of glitter, lipstick and jewels. As Namu grows more and more enamored with the glamorous lifestyle of the Vanities, the elders of the village start to question the true source of “beauty.” In a clash between nature and glitz, its up to the village youth to decide where the Beauty of Namu truly lies.

Written by the students and staff of The Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts June 2014 Junior Session One Fort Lauderdale, FL


Adriana Martinez, Alex Bluth, Alyssa Frazier, Amanda Kopelman, Ashlyn Scorca, Bailey Werner, Cassidy Stumer, Hillary Jacobs, Isabella Fraser, Jacqueline Sinai, Drew Kapit, Jessica Bowlby, Julia Musso, Kaia Goudreau, Kaitlyn Hodes, Liam Connor, Lilly Gitlitz, Lily Avrunin, Lindsay Stumer, Marti Bennett, Rylee Berger, Skylar Scorca, Sophia Amador, Sophie Roth-Knigin, Sophie Vega, Tyler Egan

Director- Angela Miller; Assistant Director – Kimmi Johnson; Music Director- Andy Gilbert; Assistant Music Director- Spencer Robelen; Script Editor- Isadora Spangler; Intern in Directing-Ryan Juda; Intern in Music- Sheridan Spangler; Choreographer-Meagan Nagy; Media/Design- Alana Miller;  Technical Director- John Henningsen; Intern in Tech-Amy Pinargote; Co-Administrator- Shelly Bernstein; Co-Administrator- Lauri Oliver; Program Coordinator/Producing Artistic Director- Carrie Gilchrist


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