The Getaway Hotel


Columbus, Ohio (2016)

In Partnership with Short North Stage.



It’s 1962 in the small town of Salina, Kansas. Just off the highway, The Getaway Hotel has been entertaining guests from all walks of life for as long as anyone can remember. The Getaway has become exactly that for many of its long-term guests—an escape from the hardships that await them outside. When a group of down-on-their-luck strangers check in, they are greeted by a mixed bag of hopeless regulars and a hotel staff that is desperate to fill rooms. Old and new guests mingle and quickly passions ignite. When it becomes clear that the new guests have instilled in the regulars the hope of a bright future outside The Getaway, the staff go to all lengths to keep them all from checking out. But how far is too far? Could it really be a matter of life or death?


Written and composed by the students and staff of the 2016 Lovewell Columbus, OH Lovewell workshop (June 6th­ – 19th, 2016) in partnership with Short North Stage



Brian Chiou, Joshua Duffy-Cooper, Andrea Gutierrez, Kathleen Harpham, Emma Kinnison, Julia Leet, Jacob Miller, Jenny Morrison, David Rausch, Logan Stump, Anna Sylvester, Justine Willis


Lovewell Staff:

Director/Script Editor- Cassie Spangler; Assistant Director/Choreographer- Stephanie Prince; Music Director – Michael Finke; Technical Director- Riley Hutchison; Props and Costumes- Stephanie Keller; Intern – Jared Bradley; Media and Design- Tobi Sarah Nagy; Administrators- Shelly Bernstein, Lauri Oliver; Producing Artistic Director- Carrie Gilchrist; Columbus Chapter Manager- Stephanie Prince


Short North Stage Staff:

Producers: Peter Yockel, Rick Gore


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