The Gloaming

Carrolton, Ohio | Fort Lauderdale, Florida (2008)
Written by the Lovewell Theatre Project

Music, lyrics and book by Nils-Petter Ankarblom, Marcus Davis, Carrie Gilchrist, Rick Gore, Christoffer Nobin, Mats Petersson, David Spangler,  Marjorie Spangler, Peter Yockel


As the aging Marguerite Bollinger, a leading scholar of Greek mythology falls into dementia, her son Gandy summons Annie, the only other surviving adult member of the Bollinger family to Marguerite’s 1830’s farmhouse in Ohio to figure out next steps for Marguerite. Annie, the wife of Gandy’s late brother Ulysses, who died tragically 14 years earlier, arrives with her adolescent son, Telemachus (Mac.) Over a tumultous weekend, the Bollinger family mythologies crumble, exposing painful truths about the past.


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