The Heyday Getaway

The Heyday Getaway: A Thrilling New Musical

Lovewell Junior Brooklyn, New York (In Partnership with P.S. 264
July 9th-21st, 2018


Calli decides to spend her 13th birthday with her best friends at The Heyday, a historic carnival-themed hotel. When the mysterious but kind staff invite them to a birthday dinner extravaganza, all is in order until everything turns on its head in the dining room. Can the friends survive a night at the hotel, or will they get lost in the terrifying madness? Find out what haunts their dreams in The Heyday Getaway: A Thrilling New Musical.



Written by the students and staff of the July 2018 Junior Brooklyn, New York Lovewell workshop.



Emma Albuquerque, Shaghaf Allhallaq, Intisaar Beloumari, Mayo Bernal, Yasmine Blackstock-Volcin, Angeline Castro, Sara Ceman, Zoe Chan, Indy Chattin-Thompson, Aubrey Cruzado, Abdullah “Tomato Steve” Goncalves, Aisha Goncalves, Kira Healy, Alexander Mendez Saavedra, Isabella Merheb, Erin Mitchell, Daniel Morales, Mariella Nelson-Galan, Olivia Nelson-Galan, Victoria Robles, Kaelyn Roundtree, Shane Sakacs, Alana Torres, Sarah Vidals, Justin Viera



Director: Lyndsey McAdams; Assistant Director & Script Editor: Carlo Feliciani Ojeda; Music Director: Jacob Jeffries; Choreographer: Hallee Bernstein; Media & Design: Tobi Sarah Waldron; Off-Site Admin: Shelly Bernstein; Producing Artistic Director: Carrie Gilchrist