The Infinite Dark

Fort Lauderdale, Florida Teen Session Two (2013)



In the not-too-distant future space travel has become common and accessible thanks to Cosmic Communities, a company dedicated to exploring and colonizing The Milky Way. After successfully colonizing the moon and Mars, the company has set their sights on our sister planet, Venus. However, this group of astronauts is about to discover that everything they thought they knew about Venus is wrong, and that we might not be alone in The Infinite Dark.

Written by the students and staff of The Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts July 2013 Teen Session Two Fort Lauderdale, FL. All copyrights held by Lovewell Institute


Nicolas Aquino, Miriam Bedrin, Sydney Belabin, Hallee Bernstein, Dakota Brodeur, Keiana Cave, Jennifer Clemens, Dahlia Cohn, Andie Corban, Daley Drucker, Stephanie Ezekiel, Laura Galindo, Katie Harrington, Sami Hodes, Murielle Joseph, Amy Lautenschlager, Sophie Lopez, Jessica Luya, Jillian Metzger, Robby Mijares, Melinda Page, Stefanie Prieto, Jack Rollinson, Becky Saka, Erika Schell, Jennifer Schell, Kaytie Scott, Sydney Shiekman, Sheridan Spangler,  & Connor Werner.


Director- Jen Laudia, Asst. Director- Tobi Sarah Nagy, Co-Music Director- Michael Finke, Co- Music Director- Ryan McCall, Co-Music Director- Jason Pomerantz, Script Editor- Tyler Grimes, Choreographer- Meagan Nagy, Media/Design- Tobi Sarah Nagy & Alana Miller, Technical Director- Elizabeth Garrard, Administrator- Shelly Bernstein, Assistant Administrator- Lauri Oliver, Program Coordinator/Artistic Director- Carrie Gilchrist.

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