The Last Lifeboat

The Last Lifeboat!: A High Seas, High Stakes Musical
Lovewell Columbus, Ohio (in partnership with Short North Stage)
July 8th-July 20th, 2019



What would you do for a million dollars? Go on a reality show? Betray a friend? Commit a crime? This madcap musical immerses you in the 2004 reality show “The Last Lifeboat!” as all reason, decorum, and sanity is set adrift. 11 contestants stand to win one million dollars–if they can stay in the game, or alive for that matter!





Written by the students and staff of the Lovewell Columbus workshop.


Tahlia Allen, Kendall Amodeo, Emma Bhatt, Caroline Bobay, Sophia Butler, Liam Carr, Katherine Dunham, Marcus Gersing, Lee Gilbert, Norah Gilbert, Astor King, Melia McCoy, Youssef Nagaty, Sydnie Pease, Ren Phillips, Lydia Silver, Chanel Rakes, Cassie Reichert, Nicholas Sanchez-Zarkos, Ian Wesley, Mckinley Witt


DIRECTOR/CO-CHAPTER MANAGER: JJ Parkey, MUSIC DIRECTOR: Michael Finke, CHOREOGRAPHER: Marcus Davis, SCRIPT EDITOR: Emma Kinnison, TECHNICAL DIRECTOR: Rob Kuhn, GRAPHIC DESIGN: Tobi Sarah Waldron, INTERNS: Andrea Gutierrez, Amanda Jacobson, and Jenny Morrison, COLUMBUS CO-CHAPTER MANAGER: Stephanie Spiker, PRODUCING ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: Carrie Gilchrist


Watch the full production of this show courtesy of the Lovewell Vimeo Page:

The Last Lifeboat Video