The Lost Rose

The Lost Rose: A New Queens Musical Noir
Lovewell Concordia, Kansas (in partnership with the Dane G. Hansen Foundation)
June 24th-June 28th, 2019



It was the beginning of the ’30s, the 2030’s that is. Our story begins in the fictional metropolis of New Queens, where the cops are crooked and street gangs run rampant. The last few honest cops do what they can to keep the peace, but when the police chief’s daughter goes missing, the force will have to work alongside the gangs to solve the case. Can they find her before it’s too late? Find out! In, The Lost Rose: A New Queens Musical Noir!





Written by the students and staff of the June 2019 Concordia, Kansas Lovewell workshop.


Lydia Bates, Belle Chavey, Shelby Cole, Keath Meyer, Olivia Rolph, Faith Schintler, Quinn Sothers, Benjamin Walter


Director/Script Editor- Amber Allgyer; Music Director/Choreographer- Eric Flemons; Intern/Media/Administration- Katie Messerla; Intern- Anna Hahn; Graphic Design (Off Site)- Jamie Cohen; Concordia Administrator On Site- Jason Grogan; Producing Artistic Director (Off Site): Carrie Gilchrist


Watch the Live Stream of this show courtesy of the Lovewell Facebook Page

The Lost Rose Live Stream